Now You See Her, Now You Don't

Alexander Marlow at Big Government points out something that underscores what lots of us believe about the rapidly fading into meaninglessness Sunday morning shows:They exist to pump stories Obama wants and hide what he doesn't want. Exhibit One--Shirley Sherrod, this week's hot personality. .

As Marlow notes:

She was likened to a modern day Rosa Parks or Nelson Mandela, but former the Ag official, according to the Washington Post, was not interviewed on a single major Sunday morning talk-show following a week that can only be described as a Shirley Sherrod media frenzy. Though the conversation on Sunday morning focused on race in America, noticeably absent from the discussion was the woman behind the controversy. Earlier this week a handful of people in the blogosphere began to speculate Sherrod would pull off a "full Ginsburg," or become only the thirteenth person to appear on all major Sunday talk-shows on the same day since the feat was first accomplished by William H. Ginsburg in 1998. However, this was before a clip of Sherrod suggesting Andrew Breitbart wants blacks "stuck back in the times of slavery" went viral. Sherrod also drew extensive criticism late in the week for blasting Fox News as racist.

Considering the Shirley Sherrod interview barrage that took place last Thursday, to not see Sherrod on television Sunday morning sends a clear signal the mainstream media no longer feels allowing the public to get to know the real Shirley Sherrod advances their agenda.

She's now a liability to the White House. Her racial animus is clearer and clearer. So, along with the White House, the media has given her the hook.

Clarice Frldman