Iran says they will 'rescue' America from Obama 'dictatorship'

Demonstrating a cluelessness beyond anything previously imagined, Iranian President Ahmadinejad announced that he will save the American people from the dictator Obama:

"All the anti-human plans in the world are carried out under [Obama] and his administration. All the occupations, massacres, and human rights violations are perpetrated under his administration, yet along he comes with complaints about our nation." "Today, the harshest dictatorship is the one operating against the American nation....The American people do not have the right to demonstrate freely or to oppose the crimes of their politicians....From now on, one of the main demands of the Iranian nation is to rescue the American people from its non-democratic, bullying administration."

Not quite sure whether to thank him or sock him in the mouth. Surely, we're not responsible for the massacre of Iranian dissidents following the election last summer, although one wonders if Obama had responded with passion in favor of the regime's opponents if Khamenei would have dared sent the religious police into the streets to go after the rioters.

Anyway, here's Ed Lasky:

Such are the fruits of engagement, endless praise of Islam (including fictionalizing its history to glorify it - see Cairo Speech, for example), calling Iran the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran; endless turning of the other cheek; somnolence towards Iranian human rights abuses and election fraud (where protesters plaintively and ineffectually asked-"Obama, are you with us or with them?); apathy towards missed deadlines on its nuclear weapons program; shipping of Iranian weapons to Hezbollah and Syria (violating UN embargoes on export of weapons-but hey, who cares?); allowing Iran to become a member of UN Women Rights Commission; abolishing funding for a Boston-based Iran human rights group; etc.

And for all that "engagement," this is the thanks Obama gets?

I think we need a reset of Iranian relations with the US...

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