Graph of the Day for July 20, 2010

"Now, I happen to believe that we should pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill.  It will make clean energy the profitable kind of energy... Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is still the right thing to do for our security.  We can't afford to spin our wheels while the rest of the world speeds ahead."  President Obama, February 2010.

"Advancing biomass and biofuel production holds the potential to create green jobs, which is one of the many ways the Obama Administration is working to rebuild and revitalize rural America."  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, February 2010.

Source:  Congressional Budget Office.

Hoven's Index for July 20, 2010

Cost to taxpayers for replacing a gallon of gasoline or diesel with biofuels:

Corn ethanol:  $1.78

Cellulosic ethanol:  $3.00

Biodediesel:  $2.55

Gallons of ethanol to produce same energy as a gallon of gasoline:  1.48 gallons

CO2 produced from burning a gallon of gasoline:  12 kg

CO2 produced from burning equivalent (1.48 gallons) corn ethanol:  10 kg

Source:  Congressional Budget Office.

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