Dems hiding the financial mess they created

First, The Democrats won't pass a budget. Then they delay release of the 2010 Social security and Medicare Trustees Report to hide the financial problems there. So much for the most transparent administration in history.

What are they trying to hide? Why does the "deficit Commission" have to wait until after the midterms to deliver their verdict that big tax increases are coming? IBD reports:

The administration has delayed release of the 2010 Social Security and Medicare Trustees report, possibly to hide its gloomy forecast of U.S. finances. Meanwhile, clear thinkers are offering solutions.

The report, more than three months overdue, was more than a month behind last year. Mere incompetence? Or an effort to cover up, as Peter Ferrara wrote Wednesday in IBD's opinion pages, "sweeping draconian cuts to Medicare resulting from the ObamaCare legislation, which the annual report will document"?

Or maybe, as analysts at the Cato Institute have posed, to obscure potential significant payroll tax hikes on middle-income Americans brought by the Democrats' health care overhaul?

Whatever the case, when the report is released it will show, as it always does, that the entitlement regime is unsustainable.