Culturists Oppose Another Mosque in Brooklyn

One of the most awkward moments of my political life took place at a recent protest attempting to stop the construction of a large mosque on a quiet residential street in Brooklyn.

The female African-American television reporter for was interviewing a local Italian - American resident. The white woman, with false eyebrows and the voice of a smoker, said, "Those people don't belong here! They ain't gonna get along with our kids.  Did you ever see a Muslim shake an American's hand? None of them live here and we don't want them in our community."

As obvious a tale of revolting ignorance as this seems to be, the white woman was right!  This isn't a case of racism, it is a case of culturism.  Racism is stupid.  Your race indicates nothing about you.  But multiculturalists have blinded people to the importance of culture.  They say "celebrate diversity."  But cultural diversity is real and includes some very aggressive and nasty beliefs that we neither accommodate nor celebrate.

The Muslim American Society behind both the Voorhies Mosque and the 9-11 Ground Zero Mosque, is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood was started in 1928 to rekindle the 1400-year attack on the West by Islam.  Even if this seems like a conspiracy theory to you, it is undeniable that Islam sacked Eastern Rome, and what was then called Constantinople, on the way to nearly conquering Vienna on 9-11, 1683, and took Spain for 400 years.  The aggression that nearly crushed Europe continues in terror and the building of mosques from Spain to Mumbai today.

Diversity is real.  Muhammad was simultaneously the ruler of the Islamic religion and his government. Islam has no separation of Church and State.   Islam cannot just be treated as another religion as it includes a complete legal system called Sharia Law.  Muhammad was a warlord who murdered all who would not convert or flee. 

To think that all religious leaders are peaceful like Jesus is to completely ignore cultural diversity.  We must replace the blindness-that-sees-no-diversity called multiculturalism with wide-awake culturism.

Even if she learned all she knows about Islam on 9-11, even if she isn't a historian, the culturist instincts of the white woman being interviewed by the black woman were 100% correct.  The reprehensible racism of discriminating against African-Americans had no logical basis.  But to use the fear of racism, as the multiculturalists do, to cover up the reality of cultural diversity, opens us to terrible dangers. 

The 1,400-year history of aggressive Islamic jihad has not stopped.  Just as the Saudi's are, we need to be culturist. The West cannot allow the Saudi's and their ideologues to build monuments to their terror attacks at 9-11 site or dot our landscape with expansionist mosques that spread hatred to children. We need culturist laws. Such policy is not ugly racism, it is rational culturism.  And, if we don't separate the two, the West is doomed.


John Press, Ph.D, is the author of "Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. has more.