After November

Why kid ourselves?  There is something seriously wrong with our government.  Some of us may choose to ignore it, others may wish it would go away, but we all, at least on some subconscious level, see it in dozens of ways: persistent high unemployment, government spending through the roof, a health care system made worse by "reform", two thousand miles of southern border left wide open, taxes set to explode next January 1, vote buying at the highest levels of the Administration, terrorist states building nuclear weapons, and an oil leak that has been a Charley-Foxtrot of mismanagement from Day One...on and on...

Behind all of this, down in the pit of our stomachs, is the gnawing feeling that many, even a majority, of those we've sent to Washington have no interest in looking out for the country's best interests. What ever particular star in the east they are following, it isn't ours.

But, a large segment of the population is not taking this bad situation quietly.  An epidemic of November Fever has broken out.  Brought back from near death by the infusion of energy from revved up Tea Party activists, Libertarians and political first timers, the Republican Party stands a real chance of getting control of at least some part of the government.  We know it and the Left knows it.

There is, however, a catch:  Electoral victory will not be enough.

Victory at the ballot box will need to be based upon -- and followed up by -- a plan for swift, sure action.  No pussy footing around.  The moment the new Representatives and Senators take the oath of office, they get in gear.

The new Congress and new Senate will need to drive off the vultures that are already circling.  They will need to face down the Main Stream Press.  They will need to challenge every political appointment that comes out of this White House.  They will need to keep the nervous ones from panicking or breaking ranks.  They will need to force the Administration's hand by cutting off Federal funding for everything from implementation of the Health Care Reform to so-called "sanctuary" cities.  They will need to immediately begin reassuring both the American people and financial markets that they are dead serious about reversing the damage that has been done.  World War II was fought on two major fronts.  This struggle will be fought on many fronts; legislative, executive, judicial, economic, educational, political and social.  The enemy is a malevolent octopus that is rapidly getting its arms around everything and everyone. 

So, what can we, the John and Jane Does out here, do to further help mold Congress into a sharp, focused and effective band of legislators, one that takes seriously its Constitutional duties, one that will put the interests of the nation first?

The answer to that question appeared Monday, June 28th.  A web site called American Thinker - a terrific site, you ought to take a look at it some time - published an essay by

Kieran Michael Lalor entitled "Top 10 Reasons GOP Must Rally behind Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran Candidates"

Read Lalor's article.  After listing 10 good reasons, the author does us the further service of listing seventeen Iraq and Afghanistan vets running as Republicans in various parts of the country.  In order for them to help us, we must first help them.  Obviously, it goes without saying that this year any veteran running as a Democrat is not running as a candidate of change, but rather in support a very toxic status-quo.

The message of Lalor's essay is very encouraging.  Those vets know more than the average citizen how to simplify things down to what they can carry on their backs.  They know how to organize.  They know how to solve problems.  And they know how to face an enemy.  These Iraq and Afghanistan veterans potentially offer a mix of resolve and leadership it will take to turn things around in Washington.

In November, if the American people elect a new Republican Congress and include a squad of lean and mean military vets, starting in January we stand a good chance of hearing some coconuts knocked together.

Jed Skillman photographed hundreds of political television commercials, first for one party and then for the other, over a twenty-year span. He blogs at

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