A carbon tax is for history deniers

Republicans, take note. Here in Australia, it is election season and the right-of-center Liberal Party has launched a provocative anti-carbon tax pollution ad.

And, on the other side of the boxing ring we have PM Julia Gillard, a history denier:

Julia Gillard's Climate History Timeline:

Younger Dryas: 12,900-11,600bp

Holocene Warming a: 11,600-8,500bp

Egyptian Cooling: 8,500-8,000bp

Holocene Warming b: 8,000bp-5,600bp

Akkadian Cooling: 5,600-3,500bp

Minoan Warming: 3,500-3,200bp

Bronze Age Cooling: 3,200-2,500bp

Roman Warming: 500BC-535AD

Dark Ages: 535AD-900AD

Medieval Warming: 900AD-1300AD

Little Ice Age: 1300-1850AD

Manmade Climate Change: 1850AD-...

No debate over who I'm rooting for.