World silent as 12 Kurds die in Turkish bombings

Turkish forces carried out a deadly attack on Kurdish freedom fighters who have been trying to end Turkey's occupation of their ancestral homeland. "Turkish warplanes pounded" the region, according to The New York Times News Service," before Turkish occupation forces mounted a land invasion into occupied Kurdish territory. The Turkish attack was carried out as collective punishment against the Kurdish people after militants attacked a Turkish military base on occupied Kurdish territory, lightly wounding several soldiers. At least twelve Kurds were massacred in the Turkey's massive military operation against the Kurdish people.

According to The New York Times News Service, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his fundamentalist "Justice and Development Party" have "dismissed demands such as constitutional recognition of their ethnic identity and a general amnesty for militants." Kurds are a little under one-fifth of the entire population of Turkey and are denied these and other basic rights to self-determination.

The Kurdish people are now awaiting the international community to demand a full and impartial investigation of this massacre carried out under international auspices and a United Nations condemnation of this blatant attack on their territory and rights, as they have recently in other parts of the world.