Town Jeopardizes Health of Sexually Active Preschoolers

Provincetown, Massachusetts "to rethink condom policy," reports the Boston Globe.  After Governor Deval Patrick "expressed concern" the School Committee will revisit its policy of providing free condoms to "the Cape Cod community's elementary school, which serves preschoolers to sixth-graders."

A measure of sanity taken by the town famous for its flamboyant gay parades and S&M shops?  Not exactly.  The conservative new regulations will limit free condom distribution to the preschool through fourth grade, but will offer protection to all sexually active fifth and sixth graders: 

"If parents are that upset, and we have to revise it to fifth- and sixth-graders, then that would be fine with me,'' said [School Committee member Carrie] Notaro, who has a preschooler and a second-grader in the elementary school.

Parents however will have no say in whether their fifth-grader is authorized to get a condom, Notaro noted, since kids aren't "going to ask their parents anyway."

Things sure have changed since the Pilgrims landed in 1620.
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