Tilting at windmills

For those readers at American Thinker who agree with the leftist environmentalists that America should become less dependent on fossil fuels and expand our support of alternative methods of energy generation such as wind power, I have a bit of advice: take a drive through West Texas.

I just did, more than a thousand miles of driving through West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, an area that I have been driving through for more than five decades and I must confess I am not pleased with what I see.

Yes, the oil fields do leave their residual, industrial ugliness but it is unsightly only at ground level. In recent years most of the companies that own the pump jacks and collection tanks that remain in situ long after the tall drilling rigs have moved on, have aggressively pursued a campaign of painting their equipment in earth hues to blend in with the native environment. I am happy to report that they have been much more successful with their earth tone campaign than Al Gore was with his.

None of these lingering elements of the fossil fuel production process extend more than a few feet above a normal man's height and will normally not interfere with that normal man's view of the wide open spaces, vistas and vivid sunsets that are West Texas.

Not so the massive, triple-bladed, wind-generating towers that environmentalists so love. These futuristic windmills rise above these western plains looking like nothing quite so much as the marching hordes of invading alien towers of H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds." An invasion they truly are, and although welcomed by those they enrich, they are just slightly less ugly than the steel mills of Birmingham.

Those who would protest the loudest that we must preserve our natural environment by killing all oil drilling should come and visit West Texas and see first-hand America's newest and largest industrial park. I never once in my life thought I would agree with Ted Kennedy on any issue, but I must say that I believe he was right in keeping these miles and miles of endless eyesores out of his sailing waters. Of course Kennedy was a typical liberal, Democrat hypocrite who had no objection whatsoever to moving his ugly mess into my beloved West Texas.

, indeed.

Come out to West Texas all you greenies and see what endless ugliness you have wrought.

There is no such thing as a liberal feel good program that does not ultimately and inevitably result in dire and tragic consequences for someone, usually the innocent and unsuspecting.


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