Thomas is a symptom

Writing at Big Journalism, Jeff Dunetz hits upon an aspect of the Helen Thomas rant and its continuing fallout by touching upon other ignored misbehavior that has bothered me for a long time. Stating that Thomas was a symptom of malpractice in journalism rather than the disease, considered to be a joke, an aging pet if you will, of the politically correct press corps and the MSM, he lays out the cold damning facts of miscreant journalists and others whose bigotry is glossed over.

Pat Buchanan who is a holocaust revisionist has a daily gig on MSNBC. Some of Buchanan's anti-Semitic greatest hits include being, labeled a Jew hater by William F Buckley, blaming the Iraq war on Jews in the American Government, saying the Mossad was behind 9/11 and claiming there were too many Jews on the Supreme court. By the way, Buchanan said the same thing about the Senate three years ago.

And yet Buchanan is still commenting on MSNBC, scribbling for Newsmax, Human Events and World Net Daily (all supposedly conservative outlets) while guesting and commenting on Hannity.

Calling Thomas "a tiny voice" compared to Buchanan, Dunetz continues, questioning why others have gotten a free ride despite their appalling statements. While former Clinton adviser, Lanny Davis, who is now a power in the Democratic Party finally piped up against his former pal Thomas, Dunetz sharply asks

Why doesn't Davis complain about Al Sharpton? The Reverend has been involved with two anti-Semitic pogroms, one in Crown Heights the other in Harlem. Each of the riots, the Crown Heights pogrom and the one at Freddie's Fashion Mart in Harlem resulted in deaths. Sharpton has never apologized for either.

Ironically Sharpton recently appeared on Bill O' Reilly's show complaining that the Tea Party was inciting violence, but Mr. "No Spin Zone" did not have the guts to confront Sharpton. Unrepentant, the architect of the Tawana Brawley hoax is allowed to speak at the Democratic Convention, is regular guest on Cable News programs like O' Reilly's and is an adviser to the President.

Apparently complaining about Jews and Jewish power is acceptable in liberal circles, in the Democratic party and yes, in the supposedly objective, supposedly neutral mainstream media. And even in some conservative circles. Even in the government, Dunetz charges.

There are Jew-haters in the Obama administration, yet the press ignores them. One of the frequently used anti-Semitic stereotypes used across the world is American Jews control the government, especially foreign policy. A few years ago when Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir said as much there was a world-wide outcry, today if anyone makes a similar comment they go work for President Obama, Samantha Power, Chuck Hagel, and unofficial adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, just a few of the Presidential confidantes who have made the charge. Yet the media ignores the President's nasty habit of picking advisers who are not just anti-Israel, but anti-Jewish.

There are so many more examples of anti-Semites in and out of government, who appear on, or are covered regularly by the mainstream media. Rarely if ever is their hatred pointed out.

Is it not pointed out because it is acceptable, the listeners agree with it? Ultimately, Helen Thomas, the daughter of Lebanese Christians will become what Muslims, including the Lebanese, strive for--a martyr at the hands of the Jews. And the Sharptons, the Buchanans will find confirmation of their Jews are powerful thesis.

And the other bigots? They'll continue as before.