The Unbearable Lightness of Zero

To show he "cares" about the oil blowout in the Gulf, Obama flies Air Force One to Louisiana to get photographed eating seafood on the beach.  PR done, back to golf.  Meanwhile Governor Jindal gets the Louisiana National Guard to build sea berms eight miles out from the beaches. It may not work, but he's trying.

To show his machismo in the face of the UN's announcement that Iran has enough uranium for two nuclear bombs, Obama gets a fatuous UN resolution for the softest sanctions, with the help of the most corrupt and genocidal regimes in the world -- Sudan and Libya among them -- who were duly elected to the Human Rights Commission.

But just for balance, Obama also gets the UN to condemn Israel for stopping a boat full of Turkish suiciders.

Got oil trouble? Yell real loud against British Petroleum, so millions of British retirees will get scared. Their small retirement incomes depend on BP. Or pick "six of the best minds in science" to solve the oil spill -- like Dr. House, Kildare, and Spock. It doesn't matter. They are the smartest in the world, straight from Harvard. What more could you want?

The Current Occupant overreacts so badly to the spill, that just for a week's headlines he shuts off all deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, except by Cuba, China and Vietnam. Now watch the oil prices go up. He has again struck out against the wrong malefactors, doing more harm than good. But since the people must be idiots it doesn't matter what he does. If he's not getting rock star adulation somebody else must be wrong.

Unemployment is flat, or artificially inflated with temporary Census hires. So when the lickspittle media get on his nerves, no more press conferences. Just golf.

And when the mad radicals in this administration shoot themselves in the tender parts again, blame whatzisname, the last guy before the Messianic Age of O.  There's an aloof isolated snob hunkering down in the people's house and nobody's in charge. All the messianic fantasies have gone poof! Even liberals are starting to get it.
What we are left with is a president so lightweight, so empty headed, so stuck in his fantasy world, that he is no longer in hailing distance of reality. The United States has lost the will to shape events. Even the media are grokking it, because they are shut out. At the NYT Mo Do is finally yelling.  Obama couldn't care less. Come back next year.

And the Democrat Law of Omerta -- the great wall of Mafia silence -- is breaking down. Nobody's afraid of O any more.