The Serial Double-Crosser

Our 44th president did it again.  He suckered another group into his spider's web, promised them that they would be immune to any adverse results to their respective interests and then Obama turned on them with a pointed viciousness.

So it happened this time with the Business Roundtable.  Though the Business Roundtable executives had agreed to support a pro-tax, pro-regulation Obama program, this did not save them any taxes and only engendered more governmental regulation.

Mr. Seidenberg, chairman of the influential Business Roundtable, was shocked that even though he and his fellow CEOs had worked closely with the Obama administration to push Obamacare, the reward for their capitulation was more regulations and policies that have now created a "hostile environment" for job creation.

They held up their part of the deal but the government punished them with anti-business regulations designed to damage the economy.  Now the Roundtable finds itself in the same quagmire as other groups who thought that if they just went along with Obama, they would be spared his scimitar.

Thus, another Faustian deal has been made.  This evil regime arrogantly promises various groups that they will benefit as long as they toe the Obama line.  Perhaps the American public should reread the legend about Faust ~ how many more groups will Obama trick as they sign a pact with the devil?

Lest one think this is merely an exception to the rule, check out the article "The Lies of Obama" at FrontPage. Dated January 2010 the piece contains twenty-nine lies of Obama up to that time.  The continuing lies are making a mound that could be used to plug the BP hole.  And because he gets little to no resistance, Obama brazenly continues with these prevarications. A few of the deceptions in January included

In order to pass the first stimulus bill, Obama said Medicare would not be cut. In fact, cuts will be made.

Although Obama promised growth in the private sector, the increase of jobs is in the public sector.

Obama claimed he would limit earmarks but, in fact, there have been larger and more earmarks than ever before.

Obama was adamant that he would appoint no lobbyists to his administration.  He appointed more lobbyists than his predecessors.

Obama criticized the size of George Bush's deficit ~ yet he has quadrupled the size of the deficit.

When campaigning, he was critical of bills that were too long for anyone to read and properly analyze; his bills are incredibly longer (2000+ pages) than the ones he originally criticized.

Though he claimed his administration would be transparent, Obama has maintained an unprecedented level of secrecy towards the American public. Requests for Obama to honor the promise of C-Span cameras during the final stages of Obamacare were ignored.

Obama coerced Congress into passing his stimulus bill by promising that unemployment could go no higher than 8%. Unemployment is now at 10% and Vice President Biden recently stated that eight million jobs are irretrievably lost.

But can one really blame Obama?  Being deceitful is part of his being. Obviously he will never honor any promises that he makes that do not accrue to his long range desires. But why do people delude themselves and think they will not find themselves on the short end of the stick when they deal with him?  Perhaps they should dust off  their elementary school reader and study Mary Howitt's poem.
"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly;
"'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy...
"O no, no," said the little fly, "To ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

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