The Phalanx of 41 must hold the line

The interval between now and January, 2011 is fraught with danger for the republic.

Many conservatives are concerned that not all of the Republican members of the Senate have perceived the great internal danger that is menacing the nation's very existence, and that they and they alone -- The Republicans of the Senate --  The Phalanx of 41 -- are the sole force that can save the nation from  a crippling descent into Marxist purgatory between now and January.  The Phalanx must hold the line. Reinforcements are coming, but until then only the Phalanx of 41 can defend the nation against this Marxist onslaught.  In this interval, the progressive Marxists are going to bring all the means they can muster to achieve their Socialist ends.

The White House has become the command center for an internal war against America, a war with an objective of not just crippling the nation's economy, but of destroying the capitalist economic system all together. The White House command center has a dedicated staff of Marxists and fringe academic theorists who are working overtime with leftist department and agency heads at plans that will curtail liberty and freedom throughout the land.  They are embracing our enemies and dissing our Allies.

This is a type of war our founders never envisioned.  It never dawned on them that the American people would give up their common sense and elect a charismatic deceiver to the White House who actually hates America and was determined, from the start, to destroy it.

Every single action passed since 2008 by the progressive-Marxists has been a satellite in the Socialist constellation of tyrannical controls that Obama wants to impose on the American  people.

The Senate Republicans must be a solid Phalanx of 41 armed with filibusters to stymie any more progressive-Marxist bills until January, when reinforcements will arrive. This is not a time for hands across the aisle.  It is a time for loyal opposition, loyal to the American people.

Ron Kilmartin is a Consulting Engineer in Pleasant Hill, CA.
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