The Baehr Essentials

It appears that the Obama administration's obsession with environmentalism even trumps its allegiance to organized labor. The Obama team just kissed off a thousand or more jobs in Wisconsin

Little by little, the crude race based policies of the Holder Justice Department in the Black Panther case are coming to light.  This Justice Department does not believe the law should be applied equally to whites and blacks.  

Jeff Jacoby
provides another example of why people are turning against public employee unions.

I have received lots of emails in the last few days suggesting an Israeli strike on Iran is imminent. 

A report from Israeli occupied Saudi Arabia.

Leon Panetta says Iran may have enough nuclear fuel for two bombs:  

Silvio Berlusconi, able to focus with Italy out of the World Cup, thinks Israel will make a move.

Every day provides more evidence of what Hamas is about, but it looks like the U.S. is negotiating with them anyway.

U.N. run summer camps are bad.

Electricity is bad (if you have to pay for it).

U.S. shmoozing with Hamas.

Michael Oren reveals the truth about fraying U.S. Israel relations. 

An interview with Moshe Yaalon

Jackson Diehl with an important column on how U.S policy has helped make it open season to attack Israel all over the world. 

I am pretty sure this is the first article I have ever posted from this Juneau, Alaska paper.  Juneau is a city reachable by boat or plane,but not by road.

Where are the oil skimmers in the Gulf? 

More evidence of the Administration's incompetence.  Maybe Obama does not really care about the Gulf because these are red states with few union jobs.

An excellent takedown of the despicable left wing Christian minister Jim Wallis, who seems to believe that everyone to his political right is a racist.

Since the start of the recession, 8 million private sector jobs have been lost, but there has been job growth of  600,000 in the public sector.  Since the stimulus bill was passed, private sector employment is down more than 2.6 million, but public sector employment is up 400,000. 

The reality: this administration cannot create private sector jobs, but like governments everywhere, it knows how to expand itself.