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How bad will it be for the Democrats in November? I think it will be very bad. Gallup shows a 5 point advantage for the GOP in the generic ballot among registered votes. The margin is higher among likely or enthusiastic voters. Rasmussen shows a 10 point advantage fro the GOP, the biggest all year among likely voters.  And the there is this: a survey by National Public Radio, of the 70 most competitive House districts, 60 now held by Democrats.

It is only a matter of time before the national pundits will catch up with what is obvious on the ground -- that in Illinois 9, Republican Joel Pollak has real chance to send Jan Schakowsky packing. 

The Democrats are not helped by these two gems: Representative Bob Etheridge assaults a student for the crime of daring to ask  if he supports Obama policies. Etheridge later apologized. Throw one more seat the Democrats thought was safe into the hopper. 

Then there is the Democratic nominee for U.S Senate in South Carolina, currently facing charges for showing obscene photos to a college student.  With this prize near the top of the ticket, he could drag down at least one Democratic House member in South Carolina.  


The President and his team think jihad is noble personal struggle, and terrorists are outside of Islam, not true to the faith. Maybe they should send some folks to this lovely
conference upcoming in Chicago on July 11th.  Then again, maybe the Obama team is sending speakers. 

The rabbi who outed Helen Thomas has so far received tens of thousands of hate emails. The rabbi was a liberal Democrat, and a supporter of Obama. The always charming Keith Olbermann called the rabbi the 2nd worst person on earth last week.  The rabbi says he is rethinking his politics. Maybe some other liberal Jews will wise up.  NBC pays Olbermann $7 million  a year. ABC hires Ammanpor. Is it any wonder that anyone who cares about Israel watches the Fox News Channel?


In the same way that in international affairs our President loves everything Muslim, in domestic affairs, he loves everything that benefits unions, especially public employee unions. The former community organizer likes the union shock  troops, and their campaign money, and is happy to take from the taxpayers, to fund the hardly needy union members. After years of giving away the store to the unions, some states and cities are wising up a bit. After all, they are broke, none more so than
Illinois. A state that had $ 9 billion in debt when Blago took over, had $21 billion in debt one year into his term. Now the state has almost $30 billion in debt, soon to go much higher. Why so much debt- Democrats love to spend money

The Obama approach to the federal and state financial mess -- spend even more, and raise a lot of taxes.


My favorite U.S. columnist is Charles Krauthammer. But he only writes a column once or twice  a week. No one is contributing more to intelligent political commentary in America at this point than Jennifer Rubin, who somehow manages to write several serious articles every day for
Commentary Contentions.  Here are a few from Rubin today:
  • - The Obama team can never utter anything positive about Israel or U.S Israel relations other than that we are committed to their security. The rest of the time, we get mush, or carefully worded statements, designed not to offend Arabs or Muslim nations, or outright criticism of Israel. When an Israeli bureaucrat announces approval of step 3 or 4 of a 7 step process for a new housing complex in Jerusalem, all hell breaks lose, and some in the Obama administration describe it as the most serious breach in the relationship in decades. As I said before, under Obama, America has switched sides in the conflict. The P.A is our protected ally, Israel is an annoyance and a problem. On the other hand, if you are an Arab or Muslim nation, there will never be any criticism from this Administration. Turkey's provocation with the armed flotilla ,and its no vote on the Iran sanctions at the Security Council is not criticized, but excused. Nor is Brazil criticized for its no vote. Syria can stiff us every day, but we keep claiming we are trying to move them away from Iran.Link

  • - James Jones at the NSC seems to be the major Administration figure who has been pushing for allowing international tribunals to examine the flotilla incident. Now why may that be? His deputy for multi- lateral organizations is none other than Israel hating Samantha Power, often described as Obama's closest advisor on foreign policy. Ed Lasky and I wrote about what a horror Power was with regard to Israel during the 2008 campaign. Nobody who was carrying water for Obama in the "pro-Israel community" at the time seemed to care. There is little difference in international perspective in having Power in the White House or Reverend Wright.Link

  • - In the same way the the Administration cannot say a critical word about an Arab or Muslim nation, AIPAC seems afraid of taking on the White House with any direct shots. Nuance is a loser, I think. The pro-Israel community can not be cowed by this disaster in the White House. Democratic Congressman Howard Berman, who was once reliably pro-Israel, has delayed Congressional action on Iran sanctions for over a year, on orders from the White House. Now a Conference committee of he House and Senate will likely offer exemptions to companies from China and Russia, two nations Obama bribed to support the weak U.N. sanctions just approved last week. Obama is offered praise by AIPAC for not allowing a tougher U.N resolution on Israel and the flotilla to be approved, when prior administrations would have killed such action with a veto. This President is post-American, committed to diluting U.S. power and sovereignty in order to gain acclaim from the enlightened views of the international community. Link

  • - The Obama team is making life easier for Iran. We rejoined the U.N Human Rights Council , and gave it legitimacy for its vicious , persistent , actions targeting Israel. The Obama team was cautious during the green revolution, offering no support to the dissidents after the election was stolen. Link

  • - The resolution offered by Republican Congressman Peter King was the best one on the table, but no Democrat would sign on, since their great leader would object. . The current bipartisan letters circulating in Congress are weaker, but the House version is tougher than the Senate version. Link

Caroline Glick, Israel's best and toughest defender in the media, says Obama is a supporter of the green revolution. But it is Hamas green


An Egypt pro-democracy activist is bitterly unhappy with Obama.


Some good news from U.C.-Irvine, where the Hamas supporting Muslim Students Association, which interrupted the Michael Oren talk at the school, and lied about the coordinated planning to do just that, has been suspended for a year. As the saying goes, a lot of things start  in California, both good and bad. Maybe some other campus presidents will finally get a spine for dealing with this  fifth column.

Other news from the campus is not so good.


Professor Barry Rubin shreds an Obama apologia by James Rubin, husband of the odious Israel loathing Christiane Amanpour, selected by ABC news to host their Sunday morning news program. I guess Helen Thomas was unavailable. My pick would have been the very capable and fair Jake Tapper. 


Finally, some good news on the Gulf oil spill. It has been completely stopped