The Baehr Essentials

If you were not a fan of Obamacare, this site is essential in comparing facts versus fiction about the new plan.   The Obama campaign machinery  is rolling out a $125 million PR campaign over the next  five years to convince voters this was a wonderful thing. In addition to that ,  the Department of Health and Human Services, is shamelessly shilling for the new program, using taxpayer money , sending flowery summaries to seniors on how the new program (which will cut $500 billion from Medicare spending over the first ten years) will benefit them.  It is good that there is some antidote to the deceptions

If Obama has lost Jon Stewart, it does not mean that young people will all of a sudden vote Republican. But it may mean they won't be such lame pawns to the Obama spell next time around. Jon Stewart mocks Barack Obama, and the world mocks him too, seeing the United States as a shrinking  violet, abandoning its preeminent role in world affairs, and sacrificing the national interest for greater comity among the nations in international bodies (all of which at this point are effectively run by fascist Islamic nations).  

Dorothy Rabinowitz
in a must read article on Obama and America -- "The Alien in the White House."

The world's worst
human rights violators go after Israel.

The shambles of Obama's Iran strategy. For sure, the major Jewish organizations will be trumpeting Obama's "great achievement" in getting one more round of very weak  sanctions  passed by he U.N. Security Council  (after 16 months).   But that only begins to
tell the story. Eric Voogd.  

A website created by David Horowitz, with testimonials by liberal Jews, where they describe why they have  abandoned leftist politics.  A primary reason- because the left has abandoned Israel.

What have we here -- a decent column by Tom Friedman that is not a rehash of one of his old ones. How refreshing. 

Census spending is up 325% since 2000. The population is up a bit about 10%.   is this a jobs program to make the unemployment number look better?

My Pajama Media article on the primary elections yesterday.