The Back Nine

From the department of out-of-touch elitist scolds another out-of-touch elitist, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel quickly seized the opportunity to criticize British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward for participating in a yacht race over the weekend, while weary residents of the Gulf of Mexico continue to suffer from the worst oil spill in the nation's history.

However, Emanuel didn't bother to mention that the night before Hayward's excursion, his boss was ignoring the wave while once again pretending to be a baseball fan at a game between the Washington Nationals and Chicago White Sox.

The chief of staff also failed to remind us that on the same day the BP's chief executive was feeling the wind in his hair as his yacht coasted through the waters off England's shore, Obama was adjusting to the winds on the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base.

Overall, it was evidently, a pretty chill weekend for the president, one that consisted of him eating Cracker Jack and spending some more quality time with his Titleists.

But, while the president's extensive forays to the links are well-documented, the reason for them has become as clear as the water hazards he must avoid to shoot under par.

Away from the greens, Obama has devised the reconstruction of a society that somehow managed to progress for nearly 233 years prior to his occupation of the Oval Office. Fortunately, the American people have been unwilling to support his "new foundation" as it will effectively destroy the "American Dream", and the nation's future generations will be relegated to a standard of living beneath that of which their predecessors have been blessed to live.

Understandably, it's difficult for them to believe in his agenda, when they just don't seem to believe in him. His inability to lead, understand, and sincerely emote, especially in times of crises, has forced them to question his dedication to the office he holds and the people he chose to represent. Additionally, he's insulted their intelligence with consistently using deceit to advance his agenda, and in the process, he's lost their trust.

But one doesn't need to take my word for it, the numbers tell the story much better.

Abroad, his so-called smart power and diplomacy has appeared to be more along the lines of incompetence and lunacy, as the nation's trusted allies and reliable adversaries have engaged in complete role reversal and a predictable world-wide catastrophe looms in the horizon.

The president's "boot on the throat" approach has severely harmed relations with Britain and Israel, and his "pretty please" approach hasn't prevented Iran and North Korea from becoming increasingly dangerous regional superpowers. Meanwhile, Russia and China have remained in the background, continuously siding with both nations, and advancing their own national interests by completing business deals and establishing treaties with nations all over the world.

With each passing day, the presidency of Barack Obama ever more reveals itself as a failure of epic proportions, but through it all, he still has "home" where none of the aforementioned is reality. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will continue to serve as the bubble house that welcomes the good times and shelters him from the incredulity of the outside world, and the golf course has become a home away from home, where Obama has come to the realization that perhaps it's the only place he can win.

Surely, with all the time the president has invested into his golf game, he's been able to improve his handicap, but when the American people look at his scorecard, it's full of bogeys.

J.C. Arenas is a frequent contributor to American Thinker and welcomes your comments at