Stop hiding millions of Christians.

There are millions of Christians in the United States, and three hard-to-ignore questions. They are: Why is the media hiding Christians? Do they not breathe? And where are all the "shoe-leather reporters" covering Christian stories?

Granted, the atheist S.E. Cupp is speaking out. In her thought-provoking book Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity the bright writer states (p.213):

The loss of the religion beat around the country also risks sending a dangerous message to news consumers - that faith has disappeared and religious issues aren't worth covering. Of course, the zeitgeist tells just the opposite story. In a country still so polarized over domestic policies [in the post-partisan Obama age] with explicit religious implications - gay marriage, abortion, abstinence education, prayer in school, stem cell research, and even the environment - religious ideology is often the stage on which those arguments are hashed out, not only by philosophers and scholars, but by political candidates, religious leaders, and their congregations.

Tellingly, when campaigning journalists decide to cover Christianity, it is in a deceptive light. So when a non-representative Christian leader "sins," on the one hand, he is religiously mocked and presented as a rule. On the other hand, the only supposedly good Christians are pastors who don't believe in God.

S.E. Cupp is a regular guest commentator on programs such as Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and Larry King Live - and her message relates to professional ethics. It is: Stop hiding millions of Christians.

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