Put the federal government in a headlock

Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina (D-NC2) was completely out of line as he manhandled a student on the streets of Washington, D.C. last week. This exchange between the congressman and student epitomizes what our federal government has been doing to the citizens of this country for nearly a year and a half now. They have been manhandling us and hoping we fall to our knees in submission to their "Obama agenda."

The student had asked the congressman if he fully supported the "Obama agenda." One would think a simple yes or no answer would suffice. The reaction by Congressman Etheridge gave me chills. "Who are you?" the Congressman repeatedly asked as he grabbed for the video camera. Etheridge then grabbed the students arm and swatted at his head. Over and over again he prodded the student asking who he was.

Etheridge then contended that it was his right to know who this student was. I beg to differ. The American people have asked who the players are in this administration. Time and time again we have been brushed aside as the likes of Van Jones, Anita Dunn and others have painted a picture of revolutionary radicalism. No, Congressman Etheridge you do not have a right to know. But that student you put in a headlock has a right to not have you grab his wrist and physically assault him.

We stand at a pivotal time in American history. We have had a government that is quick to throw states rights under the bus as it continually rams one program after another down our throats. I suggest we turn this situation around and put the federal government in a headlock.

But how do we accomplish this? It is simple. Arizona led the way with their immigration law. The federal government was blinded sided by this. If other states enact their 10th amendment rights on as many issues as possible the Obama agenda will certainly fail.

As for Congressman Etheridge and his attack on this student, I congratulate the student on behaving with decorum, unlike the congressman. I suggest Etheridge watch out though as he may find himself in a headlock in November when Renee Ellmers runs for his Congressional seat.

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