Presidents and public panics

Is Obama really the worst president since Jimmy Carter?  Well, they have one trait in common that is undeniable.
Jimmy Carter grounded all DC-10 airliners (world wide) when an American Airlines DC-10 crashed on takeoff from Chicago O'Hara in 1979. Brock Adams (Sec. of Transportation) issued the grounding.  It was the first time that a fleet wide grounding had been issued for an aircraft model. 
It was soon discovered that American Airlines was the only operator to have the problem that caused the crash. Foreign operators had ignored the grounding order, and were thus spared the catastrophe of the grounding. The US airlines did not have that option and so were erroneously grounded and suffered greatly.
It may be pointed out that Brock Adams was from Seattle (Boeing), and that Boeing benefited immensely by the grounding.
Isn't this a perfect example of liberal political manipulation? Obama has stopped all oil drilling also on erroneous pretenses.  A federal judge has just ruled that the drilling moratorium was based on false pretenses. 
Since when does it make sense to punish an entire industry for the problems of one company?