Poster child for the champs of illegal immigration

The latest poster child for the champions of illegal immigration is Eric Balderas, 19, who came to the U.S. at age 4 and is currently a sophomore at Harvard, where he has a scholarship to study cellular and molecular biology. He now faces deportation after being detained while trying to board a plane from San Antonio to Boston and presenting his Harvard student identification and a Mexican consulate card in lieu of a passport or other appropriate documentation.

It is said that he left Mexico to escape a "domestic violence situation".

In the 15 years that Mr. Balderas has been in this country, he managed to learn English and to attend public school and qualify for a scholarship to Harvard, but apparently never took the trouble to try to qualify for citizenship.

The publicity surrounding his case is making the terms "undocumented students" and "undocumented youth" part of the lexicon that already characterizes illegal aliens as "undocumented workers". From activists to politicians to the Harvard administration, many are speaking out against his deportation on the grounds that "he has so very much to contribute to this country."

So, we have an intelligent young man who comes from a broken home, is Harvard-educated, lacks the documentation to prove he's an American, and apparently feels that certain laws shouldn't apply to him. It sounds to me as if, by today's standards, he's qualified to be President of the United States.

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