NRA sells out freedom with separate deal on the DISCLOSE Act

But for a few well-placed, freedom-loathing, wretched scoundrels (translate: Democratic members of Congress and their allies in Washington), anyone and everyone familiar with the DISCLOSE Act opposes it.

The DISCLOSE Act is the Obama-Pelosi-Reid legislative response to the Citizens United decision allowing nonprofit organizations, corporations and labor unions to pay for ads opposing or supporting candidates.

Let me be clear: the Citizens United decision will help challengers to incumbents because the campaign finance rules were written by incumbents, and are therefore rigged for incumbents.

My friends at the Free Speech Coalition prepared this good summary of the bill as it was introduced. The bill targets free speech.

The National Rifle Association was stellar in opposition to the attempt by Congress to regulate grassroots lobbying when Congress amended the K Street lobbying rules a few years back. In fact, the NRA was critical in persuading certain Democrats, including Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, to ensure the grassroots provisions were kept out of the lobbying bill.

Democrats knew that if they could buy off the NRA, they stood a better chance of passing the DISCLOSE Act.

Sadly, the NRA has sold us out on the DISCLOSE Act, and has obtained its own exemption.

Washington politicians engage in disgraceful horse-trading over all sorts of things. Now, with the help of the NRA, our speech, association and press freedoms are open to bidding.