Let's see how Turkey welcomes a 'reverse freedom flotilla' for the Kurds

Hey there all you starry eyed humanitarians, do gooders, peace activists, liberal religious, anti Israel, anti Jewish haters and other useful idiots! Do you want to help a small beleaguered minority group of Muslims in the Mideast fighting for a state of its own against a larger, more well equipped army that is occupying their land? You do? Well, have I got a flotilla for you! Several actually!

Inspired by the fascist flotilla that declared war on Israel and Israel's blockade of terrorist weapons to Gaza, a group of Israeli students are planning a reverse, genuine freedom flotilla filled with vital aid and no weapons, sailing towards...Turkey.

Abe Selig of the Jerusalem Post talks to the young students and what they plan to do.

One plan is to sail to Turkey to deliver desperately needed aid to the Kurds who are fighting to establish an independent state of Kurdistan on land occupied by Turkey. The Israelis also would like to help Christian Armenians whose ancient enemy, Turkey once again, is also blockading their area via Azerbaijan. The Israeli group would also like to peacefully greet any future fascist flotillas sailing to well equipped, well supplied Gaza at sea, explain their concerns and redirect them to areas which desperately need the aid. Israel regularly allows food and medicine into Gaza but the freely elected and brutally corrupt Hamas government distributes it, usually denying supplies to its many enemies.

According to Boaz Torporovsky, the student leader in charge

"Hundreds of people have volunteered for the flotilla, and many more are contacting us all the time for ways they can help.

"Our plan is to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance to the Kurds of Turkey, who by the way outnumber Israelis and Palestinians combined," he said.

"And to show that Turkey has its own issues when it comes to the treatment of its minorities, which they should consider before criticizing us."

Other Israelis are planning more flotillas, including one to Cyprus.

And perhaps in the future there will be other freedom flotillas to aid the Africans in Sudan and elsewhere being slaughtered by Muslims and then on to North Korea, whose megalomaniac ruler is starving his own people while once again threatening his neighbors in South Korea, after an unprovoked attack on a South Korean vessel that killed 36 sailors.

All aboard!