'Gun control' fails the UK again

12 dead and 25 injured. In case you haven't heard the shots, there's been another gun massacre in "gun control" England. The Libertarian Party Members' Blog states:

The tragic events of the past 24 hours are a reminder that the knee-jerk gun bans of the past Conservative and Labour governments have had no effect on the potential use of firearms in mass murders.

Before 1968, when anyone could go into a shop and walk out with a shotgun, gun crime was rare and gun massacres were unheard of. Since then, the systematic legislation and confiscation of privately owned firearms has not hampered shootings, which have risen dispite [sic] the most draconian laws in the western world being implemented.

Banning semi-auto centre-fire rifles was sold as a measure to stop a repeat of the Hungerford massacre.

Banning pistols was sold as a measure to stop a repeat of the Dunblane massacre, almost ten years later.

Fourteen years later a shotgun and a rifle are used to indiscriminately kill 12 and wound 25 people.

In a nanny state, though, inconvenient facts are ritually hidden to save face. Here in "gun control" Australia, criminals like to stockpile military-style weapons.