GOP women: Some tough mothers

I am one of those conservatives who has pretty much maintained an arm's length from Sarah Palin since Mc Lame first brought her to the forefront of the political scene. Although initially wary, but admittedly impressed with her performance in the 2008 campaign, which in my opinion was the only bright spot of said campaign, I have begun to pay more attention to this irrepressible, remarkable woman and I must confess: I'm impressed.

I just watched her vis a vis Bill O'Reilly following the One's pronouncements on the oil spill, you know, where the Big O addresses the Big O, and let me tell you my immediate impression. Put aside Greta Van Susteren's recent impertinent question to the governor as to whether she's had breast implants. What is overwhelmingly obvious is that this is a woman who possesses a more common-sense intellect and bigger cojones than O'Reilly, Obama and any other male power figure I can name.

Actually, I've been intrigued ever since I read the characterization during the past presidential campaign by some liberal twit who referred to Ms. Palin as every schoolboy's fantasy of the naughty librarian. Now I gotta tell you, I'm a few decades beyond schoolboy fantasies but that observation did inspire a few old codger fantasies around the country, Take it from one.

My wife, reading over my shoulder, just accused me of being sexist. Hogwash! I'm saying our conservative women seeking political office not only tend to be one helluva lot better looking than the broad-beamed, thunder-thighed feminist candidates the Dems, Libs and Fems put forth, they're tougher than the Democrat's male candidates as well.

In this increasingly feminized, liberal society, I have a suggested slogan for the Republican National Committee:

Republican Women: some tough mothers who
know what asses to kick!