Does the National Enquirer have another scoop?

Once upon a time I would have been very reluctant--nay, make that totally reluctant--to use the National Enquirer as a source for a post. But that was before the National Enquirer diligently uncovered the second American side of former vice presidential candidate and wannabe presidential candidate John Edwards (D)--the side where he had an affair with another woman while declaring his love for his cancer stricken wife, 

At that time the MSM were busy sending off their reporters to Alaska trying to uncover some dirt, anything on former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (R) to be bothered with easily researching and then reporting on Edwards' lies.

Some MSM types are still in Alaska, still fruitlessly trying to uncover some scandal about Palin while still refusing to research some perhaps inconvenient truths about former vice president and presidential candidate Al Gore (D). And so, let's turn to the National Enquirer which seems to be the only inquiring mind uncovering
some really inconvenient truths about Nobel Peace Prize winner and Oscar winner Gore.

A month after scoring their new palatial Montecito estate, Al and Tipper transferred nine properties the wealthy Gores own in Carthage, Tennessee from their own names into a limited liability company (LLP) - a corporate partnership which, legally, is a separate entity.

According to legal docs filed in Tennessee, the transfer of ownership occurred after the accuser in the AL GORE SEX SCANDAL filed a 2009 police complaint accusing the ex-VICE of sexual misconduct.

A real estate insider told The ENQUIRER that such a transfer of ownership protects the valuable assets in potential legal claims.

A limited liability partnership, like a corporation, is a completely separate entity and can not be liable as an asset if someone files personal lawsuits against either Gore.

Will global warming increase after all the hot air about Gore's alleged escapade becomes public? Will the MSM acknowledge it or even admit to the extent of the Gores' wealth or will they blame it all on Sarah Palin and former president George W. Bush (R)?

Inquiring minds want to know.