Dems will 'deem' a budget resolution into existence

For the first time since the new budget rules went into effect back in the 1970's, there will be no budget resolution that House members can vote on.

And to add insult, to injury, to irresponsible governing, the Democrats will simply "deem" a budget resolution to have passed so they can pork up federal spending even more.

You may recall that the Democrats were considering "deeming" the health care reform bill into existence - that is, until the public outcry would have made it too expensive politically to do so.

But who cares about a minor detail like a budget resolution?

"It is truly extraordinary that Democrats this week, after abdicating their responsibility to create a federal budget through the ordinary process of committee drafting and floor consideration, now expect the American people to accept some effort to ‘deem' a budget," Pence said.

This week, Democrat majority is set to "deem" an enforcement resolution as passed which means they'll say it passed without voting on anything. This would allow appropriations committees to begin their spending processes without an actual budget.

"Budgets are important because they provide a template for the priorities of spending and revenues that provide an environment for growth," Pence said. "But more poignantly than the internal machinations of the creation of a budget, the outlining of priorities, is this Congress also cannot deem a recovery of the American economy."

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said America didn't accept "deeming" the passage of Obamacare and they won't accept it for a budget.


"You all remember when the Democrats back in March were going deem the health care bill passed and Americans were outraged at the idea," Boehner said. "Well, here we are today, where the Democrats are scheming to deem a budget in place. It's not a budget: all it is is a set of numbers so Democrats can continue their out-of-control spending spree here in Washington."

Is anyone paying any attention to what the Democrats are doing in Congress?

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

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