An Angle for Angle

Right on cue, in a move described in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee strategy playbook as a tactic to "pin down opponents," the media are attacking Harry Reid's Republican challenger, Sharron Angle, with the "birther" offense.

The Huffington Post, in an article provocatively titled:  "Sharron Angle, Birther?  Nevada Senate Candidate Hasn't Confirmed She's Not a Birther" states:

On Monday, a Nevada-based political blog called attention to an endorsement touted on Angle's website from the Declaration Alliance -- a political action committee that questions the validity of Obama's U.S. citizenship and the legitimacy of his presidency.

This endorsement by the Declaration Alliance, as Professor William Jacobson on his Legal Insurrection blog points out,

...does not mean that Angle subscribes to everything an endorser does or says. Here is the actual language from Angle's campaign website about the group:

"Sharron Angle went to court five times to defense of the Nevada Constitution. No other candidate in this senatorial race, including Harry Reid, has that record. As a result of Sharron Angle's dedication to constitutional law, she has been endorsed by Declaration Alliance PAC."

A little time spent clicking around the Declaration Alliance ("DA") website reveals its primary focus as "the principles of the American Republic as outlined in the Declaration of Independence."  The site lists a number of "vital public policy issues" and DA's positions on each, which it states "derive from the truths expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the protections guaranteed by the Constitution." The home page does include a link to a pledge of support for a "birther" that includes the statement:  "We therefore commend Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin for the appeal he has made to Barack Obama to take the steps necessary to remove the doubt that clouds his tenure of office."

With this DA link, and just as the Dem's campaign playbook advised, their liberal media teammates have engaged in an "aggressive effort" to "pin down" Angle and reveal the "pressure from the extreme right" in her party.

Angle, instead of just playing defense, should take possession of the ball and ask Reid why he hasn't received the support of any pro-Constitution groups. 

Until he answers, conservative headlines should blast "Reid, an Anti-Constitutionalist? Nevada Senate Candidate Hasn't Confirmed He's Not." 
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