A real freedom flotilla - for Kurdistan

Israel National News is reporting--seriously--that some of the real victims of Turkish oppression, the Kurds, have decided to send their own, genuine freedom flotilla to protest the brutal Turkish occupation of Kurdistan, now occupied and claimed by Turkey as its southeast.

A human rights group, The Free Kurdistan Movement stated

"We want to break the siege and raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of Kurdistan. We hope to pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for the continued Turkish occupation," said the group in a statement to the press.

In Kurdish Aspect, Baqi Barzani ironically notes Turkey's expressed regrets at the deaths in the fascist flotilla raid, emphasizing that while Turkey sheds crocodile tears over the deaths of those bent on destruction

Till now, Turkey continues to commit the most gross human rights violations against its own Kurdish masses. On a daily basis, hundreds of Kurdish women and children die of hunger, disease and poverty in South East Turkey. Whatever has been able to influence Turkey to alter its mind and commiserate with the death of civilians sounds a bit astounding! Apparently, the immaterial loss of thousands of Kurdish civilians in Turkey does not have a bearing but when it comes to few Turks, it matters a big deal. The Gaza blockade seems more pivotal than the rapidly devastating economic state in southeast (Kurdistan) and internal growing political turmoil inside Turkey.

Barzani points out the hypocrisy of the international community, the UN and all those jumping on the anti Israel, pro Turkey bandwagon, asking

Frail to resolve its long-standing Kurdish dilemma, how does the global community have expectations from a state like Turkey in being able to broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine and other regional nations? Turkey should first resolve its own internal disputes it is coping with before trying to mediate between other parties.

Sadly, the international community has expressed reservation toward the continuing suppression of 25 million Kurds by Turkey; while they portray the Israeli inadvertent storming of a trivial flotilla more momentous than the massacres being carried out by Turkish navy, air force and ground forces in sync in the Kurdish-peopled areas.

Asking for the prosecution of senior Turkish military officers for crimes against humanity, against defenseless Kurdish civilians he demands the UN should convene an emergency meeting to condemn Turkey, forced to do so by negative media attention and international pressure.

Alas Mr. Barzani, the world will only condemn the US and Israel for defending itself and free people everywhere; sadly the Kurds are on their own.

hat tip: David Brochin, Michael J. Szanto