Why wasn't Faisal on the terror watch list?

Yesterday the FBI announced that the Times Square Bomber was placed on the No Fly list -- after he parked  his smoking car bomb in Times Square and was already on the run. Think about it: That little fact captures the entire Keystone Kops insanity of this administration. Faisal wasn't put on the No Fly list when he trained in Pakistan to bomb you and me. He wasn't known to the FBI even after we bought up practically the entire military and intelligence apparatus in Pakistan. And he wasn't even picked up by our vaunted intelligence apparatus when he applied to become a US citizen last year. How many other new citizen-terrorists do we have in this country? We don't know, because our defenses are staffed by idiots.

I'm very much afraid that the United States must suffer at least one more 9/11 attack before the country wakes up to the war we are in. Maybe we need more 9/11's, because there are none so blind as will not see -- including all the Democrats who were out to lynch George W. Bush for recognizing the danger, aided and abetted our treacherous and idiotic media, who keep our people brainwashed.

Most Americans have figured out the Islamofascist terror threat. But the denialist Left still has a stranglehold on the country, on our schools and on the Democrats

None of the tech "solutions" will work if we follow Politically Correct policies that blind us to Islamic fascism. No fancy technology makes up for delusional denial in the White House. And that's Obama's specialty.

When -- not if -- the Obamanauts let Iran get nuclear weapons, we can expect strategic bombs to strike our home territory. We are after all the Great Satan to the cult that runs Tehran. Israel is only the Little Satan.

The Faisal attack in Times Square is another screamingly obvious failure of the Obama Administration. Within a few days of the car bombing attempt  we know he wasn't a lone amateur (as Homeland Security Dork Napolitano tried to guess, before any evidence came in); that he wasn't some crazy white guy (as the media and Mayor Bloomberg were hoping), and that he almost got away with it (being caught right before he flew off to Dubai). This murderous character was given US citizenship last year after attending a Taliban terrorist training camp in Pakistan, as even Time magazine immediately figured. Did he lie on his citizenship application? The answer has to be a big fat Yes, unless he explained to Immigration that he was trained as a bomber in Pakistan. So he gained citizenship by fraud and deceit, which means he is not a legal citizen after all.

But apparently this bloody-minded jihadi wasn't even on the no-fly list, just as the panty-bomber never made the list, even after his family in Nigeria sent a warning to the US State Department.

Apparently you can go to a Taliban terror camp in Pakistan, with the whole Pakistani military and intelligence apparatus on the CIA payroll, and still become a US citizen, taking flights to Dubai for your much-needed vacations.

This is nearly the identical failures that produced the Fort Hood shooter (casualties: more than 30 unarmed US military personnel), and the Detroit panty bomber (near casualties: all the people on the plane plus whoever was on the ground had it crashed).

We are now nine years after 9/11/01, from which the Democrats learned nothing. We are 16 years past the first truck bomb attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan (from which even Mayor Bloomberg learned nothing).

We have only one advantage: The jihadis are total idiots, or they would have killed more American civilians by now. And we have one lethal disadvantage: This administration is staffed by mentally fixated ideologues who cannot see what's right in front of their noses.

We have a thousand days to go under Obama. Who's willing to bet we'll survive purblind idiocy in the White House?

Good luck, America. You'll need it.
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