Trash Story; From Video to Reality

Last week I happened on a bizarre story on NewsBusters.

...Jehue Middle School and California State University at San Bernadino were involved in the making and promotion of a video called "Environmental Police Agency" which features middle schoolers going around tackling and arresting "non-environmentalists" for crimes like having a refrigerator, leaving computer screens on, and throwing away a soda can. At the end they caution that drastic times call for drastic measures so we should institute this kind of green police state to save the world.

California is an economic train wreck, the state's universities and public school system are in dire financial straits and yet they have funds to produce a video promoting a "green police state." It appears as though the one thing they are teaching the kids in California these days is the Obama Regime's mantra, "never let a crisis go to waste." Why worry? This is just a silly video.

Today I found an equally bizarre story in the
UK Daily Mail. The Hull City Council is encouraging it's residents to spy on their neighbors and maintain "diary sheets" to keep a record of criminal activity. This may sound like a load of garbage here in the states, but in Hull City environmentalism is a serious matter.

Such ‘crimes' can be committed by putting bins out at the wrong times or leaving them in the wrong place.

Householders could face a L100 fixed penalty notice or be fined up to L1,000 for leaving rubbish next to a bin or blocking a path with a bin.

Jeanette Bailey, the Hull City Council's environmental enforcement officer sent a letter to residents under the heading "Don't turn a blind eye to environmental crime in your neighborhood."

The letter warns lawbreakers they will be prosecuted, adding "if you see anyone committing this or anything else you believe may be environmental crime, please complete the enclosed diary sheet or contact us immediately."

But many residents accused the council of going ‘over the top'. Chris Shaw, 37 said: ‘That's what the Hitler Youth were told to do-inform on everybody. I won't be filling in any of their crime sheets or reporting anybody.'

Don't worry folks, here in America the government would never stoop so low as to ask us to spy on our fellow citizens would they? Not even the Obama regime would do anything as blatantly fascist as to set up an email snitch site to help their supporters report ObamaCare protestors, nor would they deploy swat teams to intimidate Tea Partiers in Quincy Illinois. That sort of thing just can't happen here.