'There will not be an apology'

The mother of one of the students sent home from school for the insensitivity of wearing an American flag t shirt in an American school on the day students of Mexican heritage were celebrating a holiday of the old country that the old country itself doesn't celebrate emphatically stated

"There will not be an apology," Mrs. Dariano told the camera crew outside the school. "Matthew is part Hispanic, OK? He's an American. So, no, there will be no apology from any Dariano."

Questioning the wrong person, the camera crew had it backwards about an apology thus revealing their bias; they didn't question the principal or other school administrators whether they would apologize to Matt Dariano and his friends about their violation of the students' civil rights.

Busy defending the rights of students to wear t shirts to school condemning America's involvement in any war or swear words, the ACLU had no comment on this situation.