The tip of the iceberg

Years have past since the Titanic met its horrible demise on her maiden voyage. The ship that was called "unsinkable" met the bottom of the Atlantic within a few hours after hitting the iceberg tip; she sank due to flaws within her own design. The Tea Party movement is having the same effect on the progressive movement in the United States. Progressives have only met the tip of the iceberg of the Tea Party movement and it will be the flaws within the Progressive's own design that will insure its demise.

When the Tea Party movement first poked its head above water in early 2009, progressives, and indeed the Obama administration, either ignored it or denounced that movement as no more than a few fringe group of dangerous, violent, racist, "terrorists". The Obama administration ridiculed American citizens who participated in the Tea Party protests and refused to acknowledge the million plus people who appeared on his doorstep on September 12, 2009. Despite ridicule from the progressive media and the White House, the Tea Party movement continued to grow with each of its peaceful marches. Lou Dobbs, who appeared at the 2010 NYC Tax Day Tea Party said it best: "You guys are scaring the crap out of them".

The core beliefs of the Tea Party movement are fiscal responsibility, reduced government, and a free market economy. These core beliefs are carrying the Tea Party iceberg across the country and allowing it to grow.

While our Country is facing a $13 Trillion deficit, Progressives continue to push for bigger government, higher taxes and more and more entitlements during a time when our Country is suffering from nearly 10% unemployment. The European Union, the socialist model in which Progressives emulate, is in financial distress. Their socialistic and ever increasing taxes needed to support government entitlement programs has resulted in a need to bail out an entire country collapsing from its "government take care of everything" entitlement failures.

Just like the Titanic, the European Progressive's own economic designs are pulling it down. Currently, a high-rated Ponzi scheme is being played out in Europe that is an attempt to halt a sovereign-debt crisis that threatened to push Greece, Spain and Portugal into default and shatter confidence in the euro.

The European Union has recently promised to contribute nearly $1 Trillion to its weakest members; Greece, Spain and Portugal. But is this bailout going to hurt the remaining European Union states? Although Germany and France are among the top-area euro states they may surrender their AAA rating by standing behind the debts of weaker members with their euro stabilization fund.

The U.S. through the International Monetary Fund will contribute nearly $54 billion towards the European bailout; with the U.S. being the largest IMF contributor . It appears that while the Progressive Europeans never hesitate to condemn the U.S. financial system, they do not hesitate to put its hand out for money from the U.S. when its own system is in peril.

Here in the U.S. the economic alarm bells are ringing, but just like on the Titanic, progressives continue to reassure its "passengers" that everything is fine and encourages the band to keep on playing. Despite the red flags of failure of the nanny state mentality, economic failures of Greece, Spain and Portugal, the weakening effects on the euro, the need for the U.S. to bail out the euro, Progressives continue to insist the U.S. needs to follow in Europe's footsteps by raising our taxes to support new progressive programs and increased government dependence.

Standing in the way of these faltering progressive ideals is the Tea Party movement. The New York State Republican Party Chairman, Edward Cox, is paying attention to the New York City Tea Party movement, Cox stated "It's not a fringe movement. "It's the tip of the iceberg. We are putting up candidates who are aligned with the political aspirations and political concerns of the Tea Party folk," says Mr. Cox .

So, as mid-term elections approach, and the Obama administration continues to riducule Americans who oppose his failing progressive tax and spend and big government agenda, the Tea Party iceberg will continue to float along, organize and grow as it quietly sinks the progressive Titanic.

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