The Gaza Flotilla Op

The latest elaborate operation put into effect to marginalize Israel, as a predicate to destroying it, has succeeded. William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection puts it all into perspective

The left-wing blogosphere is full of useful idiots, who pretend that the flotilla which just was stopped by Israel was a humanitarian mission.

The flotilla was organized by the Islamist government in Turkey to aid Hamas with the goal of opening up shipping channels for Turkey's new friend, Iran, to ship more and better weapons as it is doing to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran is busy turning Lebanon and Syria into one large missile launching pad against Israel, and a southern base in Gaza will complete the encirclement of Israel for the coming crisis over Iran's nuclear program.

The Europeans on the ships were cover, and the placement of an 18-month old child on these ships was the utmost cynical use of a human shield.

If getting humanitarian supplies to Gaza really was the goal, this flotilla was not necessary. The supplies would have been off-loaded in Eqypt or Israel and then shipped in by land after being checked for hidden weapons.

And that is the rub, only sea-based shipping would provide Iran with the mechanism for almost unlimited armament of Hamas. There is a limit to the quantity and size of missiles and other armaments which can be smuggled through tunnels from Egypt. That is why the sea blockade must be broken for Iran to get what it wants.

But the useful idiots (no offense to idiots) in the left-wing blogosphere ignore this reality, and use the incident for their ultimate goal, which is the cut off of U.S. support for Israel.

The Op must be counted a success, for the world is blaming the Israelis, who did not initiate violence but were rather victims of it. This will increase pressure on Israel to stop enforcing its legitimate blockade to prevent the instruments of its destruction being positioned on its borders. There will another Gaza flotilla to test the defenses of Israel. Her enemies feel the wind at their back.

Richard Baehr adds:


From Memri: some on the flotilla were looking for martyrdom.    

Bookworm with video of what happened.

From Haaretz -- note the charming "peace activist" with the knife, and the camera crew behind him, ready to record bad deeds by Israel.

From the Israel Project, the facts on Israel's provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

This was an ambush, which the flotilla crowd planned, and  wanted to happen. They were ready to record any injuries or death to their shipmates from any Israeli military actions (which in this case, occurred ENTIRELY in self defense),  for a ready and willing international media circus on board, and at the ready at their desks. 

Despite all the facts, it won't likely matter in the court of international opinion. My guess is that President Barack Obama, who never utters a critical word about Islamic radicals, or jihad, or the Muslim Brotherhood (which now effectively runs not only Gaza, but Turkey), probably sympathizes with the flotilla protestors far more than with Israel.

Update: More video of the beating of Israeli troops (hat tip: Jeanette Colville)