Spending $787 billion 'wisely'

Ah, inflation. $787 billion sure doesn't buy as much as before. Just ask someone who should know, oh say Vice President Joe Biden (D). Speaking at the Middle Class Roundtable,

Biden said that one of the benefits of the $787 billion stimulus package signed into law in February is that it has generated new ideas for dealing with economic problems, including unemployment.

Biden said he and Melody Barnes, White House Domestic Policy Council director, have talked at length about ways to "generate new ideas about how to deal with future employment needs," Biden said. "We have new ideas about how to spend government money wisely."

$787 billion and all Biden got was a few lousy new ideas to spend money wisely? With whose money? Not his. Uhm, government money? No, no, no Vice President Biden, it is not the government's money, it is the people's money, confiscated by the government.

Also speaking at the Middle Class Roundtable

were two business owners who hired unemployed workers whose pay was subsidized by government funds and two workers who took subsidized jobs.

In the bad old days business owners hired unemployed workers whose pay was subsidized by the owners' profits, money the government didn't confiscate to claim it as its own. As a result the business owners spent their own money very wisely. Without government help. They "generated new ideas about how to deal with future employment needs" by carefully analyzing their business. Without government help. It was the business owners money so they spent it wisely; if not, they had no money.

And what was the Middle Class Roundtable? Why your tax funded government at work using tax payer generated government money not so wisely to generate ideas of getting people into the middle class. The United States has one of the greatest proportions of citizens in the middle class because the government formerly stayed out of people's business, allowing the citizens to spend their own money wisely as they wished.

Not speaking at the roundtable were the many struggling middle class citizens whose taxes have increased and will stay elevated for countless years to pay off the $787 billion subsidized jobs in the private sector and the government jobs that are necessary for Biden and his ilk to generate ideas. Stay tuned thirty years hence when those not yet born, those who will bear the heaviest burden for Biden's three quarters of a trillion dollars not so wise idea generating scheme chime in about the debt their parents and grandparents have dumped on them.

hat tip: www.lucianne.com