Smaller than expected crowds for pro-illegal immigration protests

Despite the media's predictions that rage at the Arizona statute enforcing the federal immigration law would up the numbers of marchers demanding free entry and citizenship, the rallies were quite small.

In 2006, the crowd estimate in Los Angeles was 500,000. This year the number who showed up was estimated at one-tenth that number, 50,000

San Diego garnered about 1,000 protestors.

Fox reports "hundreds" showed up in Washington, D.C

No rallies were anticipated in Atlanta.

In Chicago, where activists turned out to protest the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team at a game this week, tens of thousands of marchers turned out. In the Boston area, some 2,000 people marched in favor of legalizing undocumented migrants

In Phoenix , AP reports the crowd was "small but vocal".

Wikipedia reports that in 2006 "millions" showed up around the country to demand amnesty.

Why the fizzle? I think it's because no matter that the Democrats pretended to take up this issue now in Congress, it was so a transparent an effort to gin up support for the November elections that it didn't fool the illegal aliens (or most anyone) into thinking this was a serious effort.

Clarice Feldman