Richard Goldstone, Apartheid Hanging Judge

Alan Dershowitz has discovered and uncovered that the author of the notorious UN Goldstone Report, condemning Israel's actions in Gaza (but not Palestinian aggression), Richard Goldstone, was literally a hanging judge during the days of Apartheid in South Africa, ordering the torture and death of many South African Blacks. Dershowitz also accuses the News York Times of misreporting the background of Goldstone.

I doubt if Goldstone will be brought up on charges at the World Court, but it might be worth some Israeli lawyer's time to file a complaint. Dershowitz writes:

Richard Goldstone, author of the notorious Goldstone report, did not become a South African judge in the post-Apartheid Mandela Era, as The New York Times and other media have erroneously reported.  He accepted a judgeship during the worst days of Apartheid and helped legitimate one of the most racist regimes in the world by granting the imprimatur of the rule of law to some of the most undemocratic and discriminatory decrees.

Goldstone was-quite literally-a hanging judge. He imposed and affirmed death sentences for more than two dozen blacks under circumstances where whites would almost certainly have escaped the noose. And he affirmed sentences of physical torture-euphemistically called "flogging"- for other blacks. He also enforced miscegenation and other racist laws with nary a word of criticism or dissent. He was an important part of the machinery of death, torture and racial subjugation that characterized Apartheid South Africa. His robe and gavel lent an air of legitimacy to an entirely illegitimate and barbaric regime.

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