Preacher in England jailed for saying homosexuality is a sin

God save the Queens!  Great Britain has always been a bellwether state, warning the US of the burgeoning irrationality, depravity, and all-around political insanity in Anglo-Saxon thinking.   But now, even Monty Python couldn't satirize the Orwellian depths to which the UK nation has sunk. 

Orwell himself would be aghast.

England enacted a "Public Order Act" in 1986, which was initially intended to deal with public disorder and violence.  The law has since been modified to the extent that it is now a punishable offense for anyone to use "abusive or insulting" language.  All that is needed is someone who has been "offended" to report the crime to a "Police Community Support Officer (CPSO)", i.e., a citizen who yearns to be a little Eichmann (ala Ward Churchill) and is given power over others in the community. 

Apparently, there are a number of specialties in these CPSOs.  An incident occurred on May 2 in Workington, Cumbria UK where a Baptist street preacher had a heated discussion with a passerby.  The female passerby vehemently disagreed with the preacher, who said he believed that homosexuality, along with blasphemy and drunkenness, are sins.  

Incensed, the woman approached a CPSO who happened to specialize in speech crimes against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transgenders, and lodged a complaint. 

The CPSO informed the preacher that "racist or homophobic" speech is against the law.  The preacher was booked and jailed.  Given that the legacy media has branded all American Tea Party rhetoric as "racist and homophobic", imagine what the Obama administration could do with such a law.

We will catch up to Great Britain.  It is only a matter of time. 

Andrew Thomas

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