Phony Marine at Phony Vietnam Blumenthal's Presser

Doug Ross spots a ringer. One of the merry band of brother "Marines" at the presser of Connecticut Democrat Senatorial  candidate Blumenthal evidently is a phony soldier.

This is William Joseph Trumpower (AKA Eliot Storm), a man listed on POW Network's Phony Vets Database.

Trumpower, like Blumenthal, is a Connecticut resident and has made quite a name for himself hawking books on the Vietnam experience. The 'POW Networks Phony' database lists Trumpower's bogus credentials as follows:

CLAIMING BRONZE STAR w/VALOR device... Claims 2nd Lt, Claims... Wears 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Starsw/V. The jacket in EARLIER pictures boasted 8 ribbons. This NEW pic has more and includes V device on Bronze Star and 2nd Lt bars....

It's entirely fitting if the staged Blumenthal apology was, as our anonymous contributor asserts, accompanied by another puffed-up bloviator.

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