Phoenix Suns: 'Los Idiota'

A certain sector of the male populace fantasizes about women like me. You see I'm a certifiable sports fanatic. I'm a card-carrying member of the Where Were You When the Americans Beat the Russians Club. I know the answer to the Trivial Pursuit question, "Who was the 1973 Triple Crown Winner?" Duh. I only needed a few weeks of therapy to get over Romo's botched field goal snap. When play-offs in any sport start, I get that Chris Matthew's thrill up my leg sensation. In other words, I L-O-V-E sports. And the crème de la crème for me is basketball.

That's why it was so painful to see the Suns politically correct uniforms last night. Before Steve Nash proudly donned his, he gave his opinion of the Arizona immigration law, "I think the law is very misguided. I think it's, unfortunately, to the detriment of our society and our civil liberties. I think it's very important for us to stand up for things we believe in." Nash, how can I ever enjoy watching one of your magical assists again? Stand up for things we believe in? Does that mean you believe in members of your community being gunned down, being kidnapped, and their homes being invaded by illegal immigrants? Of course none of those things are a "detriment to society."

Suns General Manager Steve Kerr said, "It's hard to imagine in this country that we have to produce papers. It rings up images of Nazi Germany. We understand that the intentions of the law are not for that to happen, but you have to be very, very careful." Kerr, take a hard look at, a holocaust survivors educational website. Then maybe you will realize what a disgrace it is to compare the immigration law to what happened to 6 million Jews in Germany. Kerr also said the Suns want to "make sure that people understand that we know what's going on." Do you really know what's going on? Did you and the team actually take the time to read the law? Do you realize the city your team plays for has become the kidnapping capitol of the U.S.? A dark cloud is literally covering your city and you display "Los Suns!" to the world.

If the Suns really want their uniforms to speak out against what is detrimental to society, then they should wear a black band on them. A black band to honor officers Nick Erfle and Shane Figueroa who were killed by illegal immigrants. Another one to honor rancher Robert Krentz who was murdered by illegal immigrants. Another one for officer Louie Puroll who was shot by an illegal immigrant just last week. If the Suns really understood what was going on, they would have so many black bands on their uniforms honoring the price Arizonians have paid due to illegal immigrants, their entire uniforms would be black. But no, instead of honoring the American city and American fans who have supported them for years, they choose to stand up for illegal immigrants. What their uniforms should really say is Los Idiota.