Pediatricians group OKs some female genital mutilation

Excuse me, American Academy of Pediatrics, but your dhimmitude is showing.  With a shocking nod towards sharia law, the AAP is advocating for a lesser form of female genital mutilation.  In hopes of preventing Muslims from taking their daughters out of the U.S. into other nations to get the barbaric procedure done, the AAP advocates for federal and state laws to enable doctors to just go ahead and give girls a good ole ritual nick right here in the U S of A. Critics are responding:

International human rights organization Equality Now is stunned by a new policy statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics which essentially promotes female genital mutilation and advocates for "federal and state laws [to] enable pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a 'ritual nick'," such as pricking or minor incisions of girls' clitorises. The Policy Statement "Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors", issued by the AAP on April 26,                2010, is a significant set-back to the Academy's own prior statements on the issue of FGM and is antithetical to decades of noteworthy advancement across Africa and around the world in combating this human rights violation against women and girls.

FGM is a harmful traditional practice that involves the partial or total removal of the female genitalia and is carried out across Africa, some countries in Asia and the Middle East, and by immigrants of practicing communities living around the world, including in Europe and the U.S.

No public comment on this issue has been made yet by the First Lady who says her husband is a "Kenyan."

Hat Tip Pamela Geller