Obama's 'best and brightest'

Even some of Obama's media lackeys are irritated at the intellectual elitism on display in the White House. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a video of Chris Matthews saying something that I heartily agree with in toto.

"If I hear one more time that Secretary Chu has a Nobel Prize I'm going to barf. I don't care. This idiotic cerebral meritocracy has got to step aside and let people who do things take over".

It must have broken Chris' heart to hear President Obama say at his press conference that we the "The Best and The Brightest" minds working on the problem, as he was born in 1945 and is old enough to remember David Halberstam's book of that name detailing the Harvard "intellectuals" bungling of the Vietnam War. The Wikipedia entry on the book has this priceless observation

A still earlier - and more pertinent - use of the phrase is in the letter of Junius published February 7, 1769 in the Public Advertiser. There Junius uses it mockingly and ironically in reference to King George III's ministers, whose capacities he had disparaged in his first letter the previous month. In response to Sir William Draper's letter defending one of Junius' targets and attacking their anonymous critics, Junius wrote:

‘To have supported your assertion, you should have proved that the present ministry are unquestionably the best and brightest characters of the kingdom; and that, if the affections of the colonies have been alienated, if Corsica has been shamefully abandoned, if commerce languishes, if public credit is threatened with a new debt, and your own Manilla ransom most dishonourably given up, it has all been owing to the malice of political writers, who will not suffer the best and brightest characters (meaning still the present ministry) to take a single right step, for the honour or interest of the nation."

Karl Marx was right about one thing "history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. Fortunately, the Obama Administration hasn't killed anyone yet.
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