Graph of the Day for May 8, 2010

"The alliance is just forming... [the natural gas industry has been] hiding under oil and they think Big Oil is going to take care of them. But they're realizing Big Oil is never going to let them make a profit... their future is with the environmental community and the renewable community... It's not an arms race over tanks and planes. It's an arms race over who's going to build solar panels and who's going to build them the most efficient. We've got to start treating this as an arms race."  Robert Kennedy Jr.

Source:  Institute for Energy Research.  (Underlying data at DOE.  "NG" is natural gas.  "PV" is photo-voltaics, or cells.)

Hoven's Index for May 8, 2010

Cost ratio of solar cells to natural gas, in 2016:  5

Sources of US electricity in 2010, as percent of total electricity generation:

Coal:  45%

Natural gas:  21%

Nuclear:  20%

Renewables (including hydroelectric):  11%

Petroleum:  1%

Other:  1%

Source:  Energy Information Administration, DOE.

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