Graph of the Day for May 23, 2010

"Some of the proposed ideas in Congress provide a temporary legal status and call for deportation, but fail to answer how the government would deport 11 million people. I don't know how it would be done. I don't know how we would line up all the buses and trains and airplanes and send 11 million people back to their countries of origin."  Senator Barack Obama, April 3, 2006.

Source:  America's Voice.

Hoven's Index for May 23, 2010

Total deportations, 2000 through 2010:  3 million (from figure above)

Deportable aliens located in the US in 2008:

Total:  791,568

From Mexico:  693,592

From Canada:  764

From Europe:  2,922

From Pakistan:  494

From Yemen:  78

From Saudi Arabia:  71

Source: DHS, 2008 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.

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