Graph of the Day for May 18, 2010

"Texas is pro-business with reasonable regulations while California is anti-business with anti-business regulations."

"California is terrible. Even when we've paid their high taxes in full, they still treat every conversation as adversarial. It's the most difficult state in the nation. We have actually walked away from business rather than deal with the government in Sacramento."

"The leadership of California has done everything in its power to kill manufacturing jobs in this state.  As I stated at our annual meeting, if we could grow our crops in Reno, we'd move our plants tomorrow."

CEOs interviewed by
Chief Executive Magazine.

CEOs' Rankings of States for Business in 2010

Source:  Chief Executive Magazine.

Hoven's Index for May 18, 2010

Unemployment rates (and ranks among 50 states plus DC) by state, as of March 2010:

Michigan:  14.1% (51)

California:  12.6% (48)

Illinois:  11.5% (42)

Texas:  8.2% (19)

Louisiana:  6.9% (8)

North Dakota:  4.0% (1)

Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dept. of Labor

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