Florida Senate race a dilemma for Obama

Deciding to campaign for Meeks or for Crist, Obama will have a tough choice to make.

If Obama abandons the Black candidate (Meeks) to push the White (well, actually extraordinarily tan) Crist, he's going to anger some of the same voters he will need for himself if he wants to win Florida in 2012.

And, this will also be a very painful decision for the Florida teachers union which owes Crist a great deal for his veto of Republican sponsored teacher-productivity legislation. Will the teachers' union support Crist or Democrat Meeks?

Lastly, Crist will have to attack Meeks at some point. Crist must get at least some Democratic voters if he's going to win. If Crist is going to campaign as the anti-politician, he must differentiate himself from both Rubio and Meeks.
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