Escalating problem of terrorist infiltration via the southern border

As an adjunct instructor at a number of colleges and universities, I am privy to many stories, essays, and academic papers.  Right after 9-11, students were asked to respond to the New York Times piece entitled "Once Appalled by Race Profiling, Many Find Themselves Doing It" by Sam Howe Verhovek. It reflects the ambivalence of many who find profiling distasteful but necessary in the new age of terrorism.

Fast forward to 2010 and we find ourselves in the immigration quagmire but with a twist.  Evidence has emerged that people bent on our literal destruction are using our porous southern borders to enter illegally.  Justin Farmer of Action News 2 from Atlanta aired the following segment  which highlights the escalating problem of terrorists coming into the country.  J.D. Hayworth, former Arizona Congressman and Representative Paul Brown both speak to the issue.  Most shocking is the fact that Brown, a member of the Homeland Security Committee, never saw the now-censored list of all the countries where illegals are coming from until it was given to him by News 2.

The frightening evidence is staggering and the best response of our commander-in-chief is to send 1,200 National Guard troops to provide intelligence and surveillance support; they will not be manning the border.  Once again, Obama does his too-little-too-late modus operandi. The outcry to the potential "epidemic" of H1N1 was greater from this president than the absolute proof that terrorists are entering our country, leaving their footprints by way of prayer blankets and other tokens of their beliefs, and, yet, Obama dawdles.

Thus, while we dilly-dally about profiling suspicious conduct, this very behavior is being used as a combat methodology.  It is the terrorists who are profiling us as they intend to impose shariah law, destroy dissenters and wreck our country.  Because of our political correctness, the terrorists are using protective coloration to mingle in our society.  They are being trained in Spanish as they enter through the southern border.  It is akin to pundit Caroline Glick's incredibly incisive point that the nineteen homicide bombers actually trained in the United States in order to destroy the United States! 

The rules of warfare have changed immensely and while "profiling is not congenial to our tender postmodern sensibilities" as Andrew McCarthy has written, the security of our country is supposed to be the number one priority of the President of the United States.  The chickens don't invite the fox into their coop ~ why should we encourage terrorists into our country?

 Active in the 1970s writing campaign to free Russian Jewish refuseniks, Eileen continues to speak out against tyranny.  She can be reached at