Dubai - another destination point of terrorists

So the FBI managed to capture the Pakistani-Muslim-American suspect in the near bombing in Times Square just before he managed to escape aboard a flight bound for Dubai. Dubai? Dubai?

Why that's the country that was so-o-o upset when Israeli agents allegedly ruined Dubai's reputation of peace and hospitality to terrorists when they allegedly cleverly and quietly knocked off
one of the most notorious terrorists around. Dubai--and a good part of the world--blamed Israel, not the terrorists, as guilty.

Dubai, which before the above incident, ignored hospitality, decency and agreements with the World Tennis Association by barring a top ranked Israeli tennis player
only relenting when the WTA and some courageous players objected.

Dubai, accused of boy slavery , Dubai, which almost defaulted after the oil boom went bust, Dubai which, incidentally, has paid former president Bill Clinton large sums of money, was apparently to serve as a transit point for a terrorist on his way home after a job not so well done.

If the suspect had landed in Dubai, would Dubai have extended him hospitality reserved for terrorists or would they have extradited him, returning him to the US?