Do liberals really want to talk about 'racial profiling?'

Do liberals speak out of both sides of their mouths? Most of you will answer correctly, "Only when their lips are moving," as we on the distaff side have come to know quite well. Liberal hypocrisy has become so commonplace that we only remark on it nowadays when it is so outrageous as to be truly offensive. Al Gore comes to mind.

Over at National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg points out that all these liberals wetting their pants over the new illegal immigration legislation in Arizona might want to pause for a moment and look at the rather smelly mess they're standing ankle-deep in as they protest so loudly.

Goldberg notes that all the furor about racial profiling seems to ignore the fact that the most egregious forms of racial profiling are perpetrated most directly and most destructively right in those academic bastions of liberalism that produce most of these split-visioned loons. How's that? Hey, what on earth is affirmative action if it isn't racial profiling? And most especially when it is used to deny young, non-black and non-Hispanic students academic career choices that can impact the remainders of their lives? As Goldberg writes, having to show a cop your driver's license may be an irritating inconvenience, but being denied the opportunity to better yourself and society through higher education is a whole new magnitude of racial profiling.

You can't go to medical or engineering school because of a government-mandated, affirmative action program that requires a minimum number of black and Hispanic admissions, so there's just no room for someone like a Miss Chan or a Mr. Wojcieski? What's that? Your grades are much higher than any of theirs and you have no arrest record? Sorry, but we don't look beyond the race designation on applications until we've filled our quotas. Sorry but that's the law.

Think about that, folks; therein lies enough liberal hypocrisy to fuel a trip to Mars. It is no less than institutionalized, government supported, state-mandated racial profiling and yet it is one of liberalism's sacred cows. Deny a promising young Asian or white student who possesses the intelligence, the skills, the drive and most of all the character instilled by caring parents, to become a productive, contributing, successful member of society, solely, SOLELY, because they checked something other than black or Hispanic in the race block on their application?

That's not racial profiling, is it?

Aw hell no, folks, just ask any split-brained liberal and  I'm sure he'll explain it to you.